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Why Buy Fair Trade?

The path between factory worker and consumers is long and winding in today's global economy. With all of the different parties involved -- brands, brokers, conglomerates, sub-contractors, and sub-subcontractors -- it's often impossible to trace an item back to a specific worker at a specific factory. 

Because so much happens in the shadows, the system is ripe for abuse and exploitation. That's why it's so important for socially-responsible consumers to band together and demand a simpler, more ethical supply chain. Purchasing Fair Trade Certified apparel is one way to do that.

With Fair Trade, you know that the factories are being monitored to prevent sweatshop abuses and safety hazards. Furthermore, a premium is going back to the community in which the workers live. 

Catholic Relief Services is dedicated to helping the Catholic community become increasingly educated about supply chains, so that Catholics can contribute to a better world through their individual and organizational purchases. 

Visit CRS Ethical Trade for more educational resources, fair trade partners and products, and ideas for your campus community.